How To Complete The City And The Mystery Triumph In Destiny 2 | All Neomuna Secret Events Guide

The City And The Mystery Triumph in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 Lightfall you’ll have a plethora of new Triumphs to complete. Delve into this new world and its weekly challenges, activities, and puzzles that are waiting to be solved.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete The City And The Mystery Triumph in Destiny 2, and uncover the secret events of Neomuna. These secret events will involve finding a special enemy to defeat as well as two short puzzles.

This is just another secret Triumph that you may have to do to unlock the Virtual Fighter title, the same as the Action Figure locations and the Apogee Repeater locations.

How To Complete The City And The Mystery Triumph In Destiny 2

To complete The City and the Mystery you’ll have to complete three different events across Neomuna.

These are the secret events on Neomuna:

  • Time Vex repulsion
  • Shadow Legion Ammo Sabotaged
  • Shadow Legion Surveilled

These secret events will appear in random locations in Neomuna, we found them all within the Liming Harbor area, however, if it is possible to encounter these events in other areas we are not sure.

So, to be sure just travel to the Liming Harbor area, be patient and patrol the area for a while if you see nothing, just fast-travel to the area again, and soon you’ll for sure find them.

You can watch Esoterickk finding and completing these secret events below, he also finds them all in the Liming Harbor area, also, the locations he shows are a great spot to start searching.

Time Vex Repulsion Guide

For this event, you will be searching for a Vex conflux, as I said before this conflux will spawn in a random location in the area, so, keep your eyes open for a Vex conflux.

Time Vex repulsion Guide

This event will have a timer, and if you can’t do it in that time the event will disappear and a Vex Minotaur will spawn, however, the event can appear in the same place right after you’ve killed the Vex.

Once you activate the conflux you’ll have around 30 seconds to find and shoot five plates around the Vex conflux, as you can see in the image below.

Time Vex repulsion Guide

If you can find and shoot the five plates within the time limit you’ll complete the event and a chest will spawn.

Shadow Legion Ammo Sabotaged Guide

To start this event you’ll need to find a Munitions Psion just roaming in the area, as it is random it can spawn in any location in the area.

Shadow Legion Ammo Sabotaged Guide

Once you find the Munitions Psion, kill it, and it will drop an antenna for you to pick up.

It also can happen that someone else has killed the Munitions Psion before you got to it, if that happens the antenna could still be around the area, so, you can also look for the antenna itself.

Shadow Legion Ammo Sabotaged Guide

Pick up the antenna and a marker will appear on your screen, follow the marker which will take you to the munitions crate.

However, as soon as you pick up the antenna you’ll have to be quick because missiles will fall on your location and if you stay still, they will kill you.

Shadow Legion Ammo Sabotaged Guide

When you get to the crate just place the antenna and it will blow up the munitions crate and a chest will spawn.

Shadow Legion Surveilled Guide

For this event, you’ll be looking for a small device that will spawn randomly on the monitors around Neomuna, this one was in the Liming Harbor area. This device will let you triangulate the transmitter location.

Shadow Legion Surveilled Guide

When you activate the device, a message will appear on the bottom left side of your screen, and it will tell you if you are getting close or too far away from the transmitter location.

Shadow Legion Surveilled Guide
Shadow Legion Surveilled Guide

Patrol around the area and pay attention to what the message says, if it says you’re getting too far away go in the other direction until the message starts to say that you’re getting close.

With that, the message will guide you towards the transmitter and you’ll for sure find it, then you just have to deactivate it and a chest will spawn.

Shadow Legion Surveilled Guide

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