How To Unlock Gjallarhorn Catalyst In Destiny 2

Gjallarhorn Catalyst

With the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC, we can now unlock the Gjallarhorn, and with that, it also was added to Destiny 2 the Gjallarhorn Catalyst.

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn, as like many other exotics, has its own exotic Catalyst which masterworks the weapon and adds a new exotic perk.

The Gjallarhorn Catalyst adds a new perk that will increase Gjallarhorn magazine size to two and also final blows with this exotic will cause Wolfpack Rounds to spawn a faster and more powerful missile.

In order to get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst, you will have to jump back into the new dungeon Grasp of Avarice, but this time you will need to find some secret chests and how to open them.

How To Get The Gjallarhorn Catalyst

The Gjallarhorn Catalyst is associated with the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, so, in order to get the Catalyst, you will have to jump back into the dungeon and find some secret chests.

You can check out our Grasp of Avarice Dungeon Walkthrough Guide, which explains how to pass by all those traps you will encounter and complete the dungeon.

Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice

Inside the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, you can find three hidden secret chests, but they will be locked, so, to open them you will have to have the Burdened by Riches debuff active.

Near every one of the three chests, you will find a Reaver Vandal which is the enemy that will drop the engrams when you damage him, and with that, you will get the Burdened by Riches debuff.

Reaver Vandal

Summing up, you will have to find the secret chest, then go find the Reaver Vandal associated with that chest, damage him to pick up an engram and get the Burdened by Riches debuff, and then run back to the chest to open it.

And do it fast because if the timer of the Burdened by Riches debuff ends you will die.

Once you’ve opened the first secret chest, you will get nothing from it, but you will receive a message that says “You recovered looted fragments”, which means that you can move to the next chest, then you will have to repeat the same process for the other two chests.

Tips And Things To Note

  • To note that these secret chests and their respective Reaver Vandal don’t spawn unless you’ve already unlocked the Gjallarhorn.

So, you will have to first complete the dungeon to unlock the Gjallarhorn and then go back to the dungeon to get the Catalyst.

  • If one of your teammates opens the chest and you also receive the message “You recovered looted fragments”, be aware that you also will have to open the chest, or else it will not count towards your progress and the Catalyst will not drop for you.
  • Another thing to note is that, as per our experience, the Gjallarhorn Catalyst has to be done in one sitting, which means that you will have to open the three chests in one dungeon run.

If you open two chests, then leave the dungeon and jump back in for the third chest it seems the chest won’t spawn.

  • Also, you will have to open the first chest for the second chest to spawn, and so on, because if you don’t open the first chest, then the second will not spawn, and neither the third one.
  • And note that the third secret chest which is in the Fallen Shield arena will only spawn after you’ve completed the encounter.

Chest Locations

You can see the chests and the Reaver Vandals locations in this guide by LUCKYY 10P

First Chest

The first chest location is right after the dungeon entrance, walk across the white crystals in the cave until you reach a metal grate, the chest will be on top of that grate.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst
Gjallarhorn Catalyst

On the other hand, the Reaver Vandal is a little bit forward on the other side of the cave.

Look over to your right across the cavern and you will see a Vandal Fallen with a huge yellow health bar standing on a rock platform.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst

When you see the Vandal, damage him until he drops an engram, then pick up the engram to get the debuff, and run back to the chest to open it. Once you’ve done it, repeat it for the other two chests.

Second Chest

For the second chest location, progress through the dungeon until you reach the big almost empty room with the vent you need to jump in.

The room just after the rolling barrel trap and before the Ogre boss encounter.

This time you will first encounter the Reaver Vandal, which will be standing in your way as you enter the room, so you will for sure not miss it.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst

The chest will then be a little bit forward, right after you get out of the vent.

So, when you’ve picked up the engram and have the debuff, jump into the vent, and when you reach the end jump into the metal platform in front.

Then instead of jumping to the other metal platform in front that goes the Ogre boss, look to your right, as you will see another platform inside the wall, jump there and you will see the chest.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst
Gjallarhorn Catalyst

Third Chest

The third and final chest is the most challenging one to get, this one will be in the Fallen Shield arena, but when you get there you will not see it because you will have to complete this encounter first, and only then the chest and the Reaver Vandal will spawn.

So, after the second chest progress as normal through the dungeon until the Fallen Shield encounter and also complete the encounter, but do not launch yourself into the final boss area yet.

The chest will be on top of the tallest building on the center island, but the Reaver Vandal will spawn on another of the island-like platforms.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst
Gjallarhorn Catalyst

All the cannons will be stuck in one position after you’ve completed the encounter, they will all be facing the center island, however, the only cannon that still rotates is the one in the center island.

You will have to rotate and position the cannon facing one of the highest platforms, the one with the multiple waterfalls, the Reaver Vandal will spawn there, just look around and you will find him.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst

Once you’ve found the Reaver Vandal, damage him, and pick up the engram for the debuff, but here is when things might complicate because you will only have 25 seconds to go back to the center island and open the chest.

Reaver Vandal

It can become easier if you have a teammate firing the cannon for you, or if you do it solo make sure you have the Scorch Cannon at hand to make it as fast as you can.

So, when you pick up the engram and the debuff timer starts, (remember you only have 25 seconds) run to the cannon and launch yourself back to the center island, then climb to the top of the building and open the chest.

Once you open the third chest in a single run the Gjallarhorn Catalyst will instantly drop for you, and with that, you can now safely leave the dungeon, you don’t need to complete the dungeon to keep the Catalyst.

What Does The Gjallarhorn Catalyst Do?

Gjallarhorn Catalyst

The Gjallarhorn Catalyst adds a new perk called “More Wolves” that will increase Gjallarhorn magazine size to two.

And also final blows with this exotic rocket launcher will cause Wolfpack Rounds to spawn a faster and more powerful missile.

To unlock the catalyst, you will need 400 kills with this exotic weapon, and the fastest method to do that is in the Last Wish Raid Shuro Chi encounter.

But don’t alarm yourself, as you don’t need to do the Raid for that, you just need to use the Wall of Wishes, which is located at the beginning of the Last Wish Raid, and wish for Shuro Chi.

In there you can use raid banners to get heavy ammo and you will have a bunch of enemies to kill all by yourself, with that you will complete the Catalyst very fast.

To see the Wish for Shuro Chi, you can see this guide of all the Last Wish Wishes.

You can also see this guide on how to unlock the Gjallarhorn if you still need it!

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