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How To Power Level Up Fast

With the release of every new Destiny 2 expansion and season, comes a higher Power Level cap to grind for.

But how to Power Level up fast in Destiny 2’s fourth year, when the power level changed once again.

Now every new player starts at 1050 power, and with each new piece of gear, you will increase that level.

One thing that didn’t change is that there are multiple level caps, and multiple gear sources to increase your power levels such as Powerful Gear and Pinnacle Gear.

That means that at certain points you will have to change your grind to other activities to keep leveling up the better way.

How Gear Levels Work

In Destiny 2 there are three different level caps, and each one requires you to play different sources to get that gear and level up fast.

Current Gear caps:

  • Legendary Gear cap: 1200 Power Level
  • Powerful Gear cap: 1250 Power Level
  • Pinnacle Gear cap: 1260 Power Level

However, you can still go beyond the Pinnacle cap with your artifact.

As you level up your artifact, you will gain additional power levels as a bonus, but note that the artifact power level reset each season.

Destiny 2 Prime Engram
(Image credit: Bungie)

How To Get To 1200 Power Soft Cap

Knowing which activities give you what power gear is the key to leveling faster and more effectively.

To get to 1200 Power Level (soft cap), basically will just have to play the basics of the game as almost everything will drop gear that will level up your power towards the soft cap.

This includes:

  • Completing the campaign;
  • Blue and Purple drops from enemies;
  • Decrypting Blue and Purple Engrams;
  • Completing playlist activities (such as Strikes, Crucible, Gambit);
  • Completing Public Events and Lost Sectors;
  • Opening Loot Chests in Patrol;
  • Old Raids (such as Last Wish, Garden of Salvation);
  • Dungeons;
  • Nightfalls.

You can also get Powerful and Pinnacle gear to get faster to the soft cap, but only if you see fit that you won’t need them to get to the other power caps in that week, otherwise leave them until you need them.

Note that redeeming Token form vendors no longer drop up to the soft cap as previous seasons now will give you always gear with 20 power below your current power level.

And gear from collections will always drop at 1050.

Destiny 2 Legendary Gear cap
(Image credit: Bungie)

How To Get To 1250 Powerful Cap

As you reach the soft cap you will not need legendary engrams or base loot because these, will only drop at 1200.

Now you will need to complete activities that award you Powerful Gear such as:

  • Playlist activities: Strike, Gambit, Crucible activity completions;
  • Season pass drops;
  • Completing eight Bounties for each Tower vendor;
  • Prime Engrams;
  • Exotic Engrams;
  • Seasonal vendors;
  • Exotic quests.
Destiny 2 Powerful Gear cap
(Image credit: Bungie)

How To Get To 1260 Pinnacle cap

Once you have reached the Powerful cap you will then have to complete activities that award you Pinnacle Gear, which will give you the 10 last levels to the last power cap.

At this point there are a handful of activities that award Pinnacle Gear, being the most time-consuming and challenging activities.

Here are all the Pinnacle Gear sources:

  • Weekly playlists for Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit;
  • Earn Clan XP for Tower vendor;
  • New Raid completions;
  • New Dungeon completions;
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal reward for scoring 100,000 points or more;
  • Iron Banner Bounties;
  • Trials of Osiris Flawless chest reward.
Destiny 2 Pinnacle Gear cap
(Image credit: Bungie)

And don’t forget that once you reach the Pinnacle cap of 1260 you can still go beyond that cap with your artifact power level bonus that seems to have no limit.

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