How To Power Level in Destiny 2 Lightfall | Power Leveling Guide

How To Power Level in Destiny 2 Lightfall

With the release of every new Destiny 2 expansion and season, comes a higher Power Level cap to grind for.

This guide will show you how to power level in Destiny 2 Lightfall efficiently and fast up to the new Pinnacle Cap of 1810.

Now every new player starts at 1600 power, and with each new piece of gear, you will increase that level.

One thing that didn’t change is that there are multiple level caps, and multiple gear sources to increase your power levels such as Powerful Gear and Pinnacle Gear.

That means that at certain points you will have to change your grind to other activities to keep leveling up the better way.

How Gear Levels Work

In Destiny 2 there are three different level caps, and each one requires you to play different activities to get that gear and level up fast.

Current Gear caps:

  • Soft Gear cap: 1750 Power Level
  • Powerful Gear cap: 1800 Power Level
  • Pinnacle Gear cap: 1810 Power Level

However, you can still go beyond the Pinnacle cap with your artifact.

As you level up your artifact, you will gain additional power levels as a bonus, but note that the artifact power level reset each season.

How To Power Level in Destiny 2 Lightfall

How To Get To 1750 Power Soft Cap

Knowing which activities give you what power gear is the key to leveling faster and more effectively.

To reach fast the soft cap of 1750 Power Level, basically, you will just have to play the basics of the game as almost everything will drop gear that will level up your power towards the soft cap.

This includes:

  • Completing the campaign;
  • Completing seasonal activities;
  • Completing playlist activities (such as Strikes, Crucible, Gambit);
  • Completing Public Events, Patrols, and Lost Sectors;
  • Opening Loot Chests in Patrol;
  • Completing old Raids;
  • Dungeons;
  • Nightfalls.

The first thing you will want to do is to complete the Lightfall campaign in the Legendary difficulty, because as you go through the campaign you will acquire a lot of drops that will level up you fast, and once you complete the campaign you will be rewarded with a full set of gear at 1770 power level, and you will also be able to choose from one of the new exotics added to the game.

You can also get Powerful and Pinnacle gear to get faster to the soft cap, but only if you see fit that you won’t need them to get to the other power caps in that week, otherwise leave them until you need them.

Power Soft Cap

How To Get To 1800 Powerful Cap

When you reach the soft cap of 1750, not every drop will level up you after that, now only Powerfull and Pinnacle gear will increase your level.

To be optimal you should only do the activities which reward you with Powerful gear and leave the Pinnacle ones for when you reach the Powerful cap, however, if you’ve done all the Powerful drops and haven’t reached the Powerful cap, you can do the Pinnacle ones next and then wait for the next week to level up more.

Another thing to note is that there are two Tiers of Powerful drops:

  • Tier 1 drops will give you a +1 power level gear
  • Tier 2 drops will give you a +2 power level gear

Now you will need to complete activities that award you Powerful Gear such as:

Tier 1:

  • Complete 8 Vanguard Bounties;
  • Complete 8 Crucible Bounties;
  • Complete 8 Gambit Bounties;
  • Complete 8 Gunsmith Bounties;
  • Complete 3 Dares of Eternity;
  • Gain Reputation Ranks with Numbus in Neomuna;
  • Defeat combatants in Terminal Overload, for the Metropolitan Defense in Neomuna.

Tier 2:

  • Complete activities to give 20 commendations at Hawthorne in the Tower
Powerful Cap

How To Get To 1810 Pinnacle cap

Once you’ve reached the Powerful cap of 1800 you will then have to complete activities that award you Pinnacle Gear, which will give you the 10 last levels to the last power cap.

Here are all the Pinnacle Gear sources:

  • Complete Vanguard playlist activities with the matching element;
  • Achieve a cumulative 200k score in Nightfalls;
  • Complete 3 Crucible matches in any playlist;
  • Complete 3 Gambit matches;
  • Achieve a 250k score or higher in Dares of Eternity;
  • Complete the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon;
  • Complete the weekly featured Dungeon;
  • Complete the Lightfall weekly mission with a team score of 100k or better;
  • Complete the Partition mission while in possession of a Polymorphic Shellcode;
  • Complete 8 War Table bounties in the H.E.L.M.;
  • Complete the weekly featured Raid;
  • Complete the Root of Nightmares Raid.
Pinnacle cap

Power Leveling Tips

To optimize your power leveling grind you should do as follows:

  1. Complete the Legendary campaign;
  2. Reach power level 1750;
  3. Complete all Powerful rewards;
  4. Reach power level 1800;
  5. Complete all Pinnacle rewards;
  6. Reach power level 1810.

When power leveling your gear, sometimes you will have almost all of your gear at a level but one or two pieces are lacking behind, when that happens you will want to stop doing the powerful and pinnacle activities.

At this time you should start completing activities that reward you with gear of the same level as you are to make all your gear even.

The best ways to get gear of the level you are would be to grind the Vanguard ops or to turn in Treasure Keys to Xur.

Doing that will balance out all your gear so that when you acquire another Powerful gear drop you will get a higher level.

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