How To Get Final Warning in Destiny 2 Lightfall | The Final Strand Exotic Quest Steps

How To Get Final Warning in Destiny 2

Let’s see how to get Final Warning in Destiny 2, to unlock the powerful Final Warning Strand Sidearm you must complete “The Final Strand” exotic quest, which only becomes accessible after you’ve fully unlocked the Strand subclass on one of your characters.

The highly anticipated Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 has finally arrived and there’s an abundance of thrilling new features to explore. Now players have access to our second Darkness subclass: Strand! But let’s face it – the most appealing addition is all the incredible weapons and armor on offer just waiting to be discovered.

Unlocking the exotic quest for the Final Warning sidearm in Destiny 2 can be a challenge, but it pays off with this remarkable weapon. After being charged up, the Final Warning fires tracking rounds that are powerful enough to track down even your most elusive targets.

How To Get Final Warning in Destiny 2
How To Get Final Warning in Destiny 2
  1. Complete the Lightfall campaign;
  2. Visit the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna;
  3. Unlock all Strand upgrades available to purchase in the Pouka Pond;
  4. Complete The Final Strand exotic quest.

How To Start The Final Strand Quest

To get started with “The Final Strand” exotic quest, you must first complete the Lightfall campaign to fully unlock the Strand subclass. Then you can find the quest in the Pouka Pond which is located in the Hall of Heroes and it will be the place where you can find all your Strand upgrades.

Pouka Pond

The quest will be locked and to unlock it you will have to purchase all the upgrades for the Strand subclass, which includes the aspects, grenades, and Fragments, as I mentioned before available in the Pouka Pond.

Pouka Pond

To purchase the upgrades you will need to collect Strand Meditations which is the currency necessary to buy the upgrades, to acquire this currency you must equip your Strand subclass and complete activities around Neomuna, but the best way to farm it is to go to the current Vex Incursion Zone and also to complete Terminal Overload events.

Strand upgrades

When you’ve collected enough Strand Meditations to purchase all the Strand upgrades you will unlock The Final Strand exotic quest which you can grab from the Pouka Pond.

The Final Strand Quest Steps

  1. Visit Nimbus in Striders’ Gate in Neomuna.
  2. Search for Strand-inoculated gadgets in Veil Containment in Neomuna.
  3. Defeat the Shadow Legion looters and read their orders to learn where they took the spoils.
  4. Retrieve the Veil spectrometer from the Typhon Imperator.
  5. Visit the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna.
  6. Complete Osiris’s training program in Radiosonde in at least 5 minutes 30 seconds to retune the Veil spectrometer.
  7. Visit the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes to finish your Strand weapon.

Search For Strand-Inoculated Gadgets

Make your way into the Veil Containment area to battle against the Shadow Legion forces. You can get there through Zephyr Concourse, if you’re having trouble finding it, use your map and mark the exotic quest icon on the Veil Containment area.

The final strand quest

Defeat The Shadow Legion Looters

As you reach the Veil Containment area, be prepared for a massive batch of enemies that will appear. You must defeat them all before taking on the boss which will drop the Shadow Legion Orders you need to continue the quest!

The final strand quest

Retrieve The Veil Spectrometer

Patrol into the Typhon Imperator, the ship with the Calus’ massive statue in Ahimsa Park. You can also track this location on your map if you’re having trouble locating it.

The final strand quest

Once you’re inside the ship, instead of following the path you take in the campaign, you will reach an area with two big statues, where a big bridge will open below you so that you can advance to the enemies on the other side.

The final strand quest

A Tormenter Imprint of Nezarec will be at the end of the bridge, this enemy has a lot of health and it can be a challenge, so be prepared. Once you’ve defeated it you’ll get the Veil spectrometer and progress the quest.

The final strand quest

Complete Osiris’s Training Program

For this step, you will have to complete the Headlong: Time Trial in less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds, you’ve already done this training as part of the campaign at the end of the Headlong mission, but this time you’ll have to beat it in less than that time.

Headlong: Time Trial

However, you’ll have Strand Empowerment throughout the time trial, which will lower the cooldowns of your Strand abilities, with that you can use your grapple more times to fly through the mission.

Once you’ve beaten the time trial under the limit time, return to the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes and claim your Final Warning exotic sidearm.

Destiny 2 Final Warning

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