Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide | How To Shape Weapons And Get Materials

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

With the release of the Witch Queen expansion, also was added a new ability that lets players craft their own weapons. In this Destiny 2 weapon crafting guide, we will explain to you everything, from how to shape a weapon to where to get the necessary materials.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

The Destiny 2 title has presented to us a lot of different mechanics throughout the years, and this time it finally came the opportunity to integrate into the game a weapon crafting system.

In this weapon crafting system, players can now fully customize some brand new weapons, including the new weapon type Glaives, with Perks and Enhanced Perks of your choice.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide
Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

How Weapon Crafting Works

When you complete the first couple of missions from the Witch Queen campaign, you will be introduced to a new ability called Deepsight, which will allow you to view memories of past events and reveal hidden objects.

With the Deepsight ability, you will also start getting Deepsight Resonance weapons, which are the weapons with the red border, and by using these weapons you will be able to extract the materials necessary for crafting.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

After that, you will also be introduced to the Relic on Mars and be able to craft your first Glaive, The Enigma, by acquiring its Pattern. At first, you will only be able to insert some perks into the weapon, as you will have to level it up by using it and completing activities with it, to then be able to insert other major Perks that require a higher level on the weapon.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

In summary, to craft a weapon you will need to unlock the Deepsight ability to then start acquiring Deepsight Resonance weapons, using these weapons will unlock the ability to extract its materials for crafting.

Also, unlocking a Deepsight Resonance weapon will count towards unlocking that specific weapon Pattern, as each specific weapon has a required number of Deepsight Resonance weapon unlocks necessary to unlock its Pattern.

Once you’ve unlocked the weapon Pattern you can travel to the Enclave on Mars and interact with the crafting Relic to Shape that weapon.

Deepsight Resonance Weapons

The Deepsight Resonance weapons are a new type of weapon that can pretty much drop anywhere, once you’ve unlocked the Deepsight ability.

The Deepsight Resonance weapons function the same way as the normal version of that weapon, the only difference is that these weapons will have a red outline around their box identifying they have Deepsight Resonance.

A weapon with Deepsight Resonance will have kind of a bounty associated with it, which will require you to use that weapon and complete activities with it to complete that bounty. When you complete the Deepsight Resonance progress bar you will be able to extract the materials associated with that weapon.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

When the Deepsight Resonance weapon has an exclamation point over it, it means that the weapon is ready to be extracted, after you extract its materials the weapon will return to be a normal weapon.

You also can choose between two materials to extract in almost any weapon, those materials correlate to the weapon Perks, meaning each set of Perks will have a different material to extract.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

This method will be your primary way to acquire crafting materials, so you may want to keep saving and completing these Deepsight Resonance weapons to collect material to craft your weapons.

Also, the drop rates of Deepsight Resonance weapons are pretty much random, you just have to complete any activities, as they can drop from everywhere in the game.

How To Unlock Weapon Patterns

Almost every weapon can drop with Deepsight Resonance but only a few weapons introduced with the Witch Queen can be crafted. To craft these weapons you will need to first unlock their respective Pattern.

Only three sets of Legendary weapons can be crafted, which are the Throne World weapons, the Season of the Risen weapons, and the Vow of the Disciple raid weapons.

To unlock a weapon Pattern you will need to complete a Deepsight Resonance version of that specific weapon, and that can be somewhat frustrating if you don’t have a bit of luck in the process of getting those to drop to you.

That is because some of those weapons only drop from activities, like the Wellspring and the Vow of the Disciple raid, and yet you will have to be lucky for them to drop with Deepsight Resonance.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

Some weapon Patterns only will require you to complete one Deepsight Resonance weapon, however, others will require up to five Deepsight Resonance weapon completions to unlock its Pattern.

Also, you can check which weapons you are able to craft, as well as how many Deepsight Resonance completions you need to unlock them, in the Patterns and Catalysts section in your Triumphs menu.

You can also check out how to obtain the exotic Glaives Pattern here!

Weapon Crafting Materials

These are all the materials you will need to craft your weapons and how to get them:


To craft weapons, you will need a lot of Glimmer, you can get this currency from everywhere in the game, and you can also trade resources for it at Master Rahool in the Tower.

Resonant Alloys

The Resonant Alloys are required to insert an intrinsic perk into the weapon. While every weapon has a type of intrinsic perk that cannot be changed, with this crafting system you can change its intrinsic perk when you reach a higher level in that weapon.

You can get Resonant Alloys from dismantling Legendary weapons and completing activities.

Ascendant Alloys

The Ascendant Alloys are the rarest material, you will need it to reshape a weapon with Enhanced Perks and also to shape and reshape exotics and their exotic Catalysts.

To get Ascendant Alloys:

  • You can buy them from Master Rahool once a week;
  • You can unlock one from Banshee-44’s reputation rank;
  • You can get them from the weekly campaign missions;
  • You can get them from the master difficulty Wellsprings.

Resonant Elements

To gain these materials you will need to complete Deepsight Resonance weapons and extract these materials from them.

Every time you complete a Deepsight Resonance weapon you will be able to extract 200 Neutral Elements, and most of the time, choose between another two Resonant Elements depending on that specific weapon Perks.

  • Neutral Element: The Neutral Element is the general crafting material, which you will need every time you shape or reshape a weapon.
  • Ruinous Element: Damage or projectile modification-related trait perks.
  • Adroit Element: Weapon performance-related trait perks (handling, stability, etc.).
  • Mutable Element: Ability modification-related trait perks.
  • Energetic Element: Ammo or Reload-related trait perks.
  • Drowned Element: Raid-exclusive trait perks.


Mementos are optional crafting consumables that grant vanity options to crafted weapons, such as special Shaders and Trackers. Mementos can be acquired by completing specific activities.

How To Shape Weapons

To Shape a weapon, you have to first unlock its Pattern, by completing that specific weapon required Deepsight Resonance extractions, which you can see in the Patterns and Catalysts section in your Triumphs menu.

After unlocking and claiming the Pattern in the Patterns and Catalysts section in your Triumphs menu, you are all set to shape your weapon, as long as you have all the necessary materials.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

Travel to the Enclave on Mars and go interact with the crafting Relic, there you will choose to Shape and then choose which weapon you want from the menu.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

Then you will have to choose the Intrinsic perk and the normal perks for your weapon, you will have not much to choose from because you will have to level up the weapon first to unlock the other perks.

You will need Resonant Alloys to add the Intrinsic perk and Neutral Elements to add the other perks, as well as Glimmer.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide

As you are choosing your perks you will not spend any materials, you will then have to click on the weapon icon on the right, and that will be your checkout, also below that it is a reset option if you like to start over the process.

How To Level Up Weapons

To level up a shaped weapon is pretty simple, you just have to use that specific weapon, the more enemies you defeat with that weapon, the more progress you will gain.

You also can level up the weapon by completing activities with it, you can just have the weapon equipped and not use it and when you complete an activity with will gain progress towards the next level, but if you also use the weapon, the progress will be much higher.

The higher you level up the weapon, the more Intrinsics and Perks you will unlock to then be able to choose from when Reshaping that weapon.

How To Reshape Weapons

After you’ve crafted a weapon and level it up some levels you will unlock more perks, and to add them to the weapon you will have to reshape it.

There seems to be no level cap to the weapons, so, you will be able to level up the weapon unlimitedly, but all the perks will be unlocked at level 20.

To Reshape a weapon is pretty much the same process as to Shape the weapon, the difference will be the cost, as it will be much higher depending on the perks you choose.

Choosing the Enhanced Perks is where you will spend the Ascendant Alloys and the Resonant Elements, all depending on the perks you choose.

You can also check out how to obtain the exotic Glaives Pattern here!

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