Destiny 2 Salvation’s Grip Quest Steps | How To Get Beyond Light Exotic Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip

Destiny 2 Salvation’s Grip is the new Exotic Grenade Launcher added to the game with the Beyond Light expansion. 

The Salvation’s Grip Exotic grenade launcher is, for now, the only Stasis weapon in the game.

And keeping in mind that it doesn’t deal any damage, it will be necessary to destroy the Entropic Shards hidden around Europa.

Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip
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How To Get Destiny 2 Salvation’s Grip Quick Guide
  1. Complete the Beyond Light campaign;
  2. Speak with Drifter in the Tower to get The Stasis Prototype quest;
  3. Defeat Captains and Servitors on Europa;
  4. Complete an Empire Hunt;
  5. Defeat enemies with Stasis;
  6. Complete the Concealed Void Lost Sector;
  7. Complete the Stealing Stasis mission.

How to Start The Quest

To start the Salvation’s Grip quest you will have to finish the Beyond Light campaign.

Once you have finished the Beyond Light campaign, go speak with Drifter and he will give you The Stasis Prototype quest, which is the quest for Salvation’s Grip.

Step 1: Defeat Captains and Servitors

Destiny 2 The Stasis Prototype
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In this step, you only need to defeat Fallen Captains and Servitors on Europa, so that you can collect intel.

You can just go to Cadmus Ridge and do Public Events or go to the Concealed Void Lost Sector in Asterion Abyss to complete this step quickly.

Important Tip:

On the other hand, the next step is for you to complete an Empire Hunt, and to do so you will need to complete all the quests from Variks.

So if you haven’t done that yet, you can just go speak with Variks and complete the “Reclaiming Europa“, “Empire’s Fall” and “The Dark Priestess” quests instead. 

And you will defeat the Fallen Captains and Servitors through those quests, as you will need to do them anyways to progress the Salvation’s Grip quest.

With that, you will complete this step as well as Variks quests to unlock the Empire Hunt and you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Complete an Empire Hunt

Destiny 2 Empire Hunt
(Image credit: Bungie)

For this step, you will need to complete an Empire Hunt, these are the new missions from Variks.

As I said before, to unlock the Empire Hunts you will have to first complete these questlines:

  1. Reclaiming Europa
  2. Empire’s Fall
  3. The Dark Priestess

After completing the campaign visit Variks and he will give you the first questline.

Once you have completed all the quests you will unlock the Empire Hunt.

Note that the last quest “The Dark Priestess” ends with an Empire Hunt, so if you have already completed step 1, this will count for step 2.

But if you already have done Variks quests before, you can just buy an Empire Hunt from Variks, and for that, you will need Herealways Pieces

Step 3: Defeat Enemies With Stasis

Destiny 2 Stasis
(Image credit: Bungie)

After you complete the Empire Hunt step you will have to defeat enemies with your Stasis abilities.

You can just explore Europa doing Public Events, Patrols, and Lost Sector with your Stasis subclass equipped.

You can also complete the Sabotage missions from Variks while doing this step.

Step 4: Complete The Concealed Void Lost Sector

Destiny 2 Concealed Void Lost Sector​
(Image credit: Bungie)

In this step, you will need to meet with a Fallen associate of Spider in the Concealed Void Lost Sector.

Complete the Concealed Void Lost Sector in Asterion Abys as you normally would, kill all the enemies, and loot the chest.

Once you have killed all the enemies, the barrier behind the chest will disappear revealing the Spider’s associate next to the terminal.

Interact with him and you will get the Skiff Codes, with that this step will be completed. 

Destiny 2 Spider's Associate
(Image credit: Bungie)

Step 5: Speak With The Drifter

Destiny 2 Stasis Device
(Image credit: Bungie)

Travel to the Tower and speak with the Drifter to get to the next step in unlocking Salvation’s Grip. 

He will give you the Stasis Containment Device that will be used to safely contain Stasis.

Step 6: Complete The Stealing Stasis Mission

Destiny 2 Stealing Stasis
(Image credit: Bungie)

Travel to Europa and start the Stealing Stasis mission, near Variks. 

Note that You will acquire the Exotic weapon in the mission, so if you are trying to not pick up Powerfull weapons until you need them to level up, you may want to just do this when you need one. 

The mission is pretty straightforward:

  1. Destroy the Ether tanks;
  2. Find the weapon location;
  3. Hack the terminals to turn off the shield;
  4. Steal the Weapon and escape.

In the final area, defeat the Servitor to lower the shields, and shoot the Ether tanks to destroy the generators.

Then defeat the big Boss and the mission will be completed. 

Step 7: Speak With The Drifter Again

Once you have completed the Stealing Stasis mission, travel back to the Tower and speak with the Drifter to finish the Salvation’s Grip quest.

What Does Salvations Grip Do?

Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip
(Image credit: Bungie)

Salvation’s Grip is not the best weapon to deal damage, which makes it pretty much useful in combat scenarios.

But its unique Exotic perk makes it a lot interesting.

This Exotic weapon’s primary perk is Cryocannon, which creates crystals freezing everything it touches, with that, you can freeze enemies and then shatter them into pieces.

But if you are wondering if you want or not to unlock this Exotic, you may want to because Salvation’s Grip is the only weapon that can destroy the Entropic Shards, which you will need to complete quests and triumphs related to Stasis.

You can see all the Exotics List here!

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