Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Quest Steps | As The Crow Flies and Let Loose Thy Talons Quest Guide

Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Hawkmoon has just been released within a quest that makes part of the Season of the Hunt story.

That is right, you can now get the Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon from the original Destiny.

The thing is that you will need to own the Season of the Hunt Season’s Pass to be able to complete the Hawkmoon Exotic quest.

Destiny 2 Hawkmoon
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How To Get Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Quick Guide
  1. Speak with Spider;
  2. Find All Paracausal Feathers;
  3. Complete the “Cry From Beyond” mission;
  4. Generate and collect 50 Orbs of Power;
  5. Investigate the coordinates;
  6. Collect More Paracausal Feathers;
  7. Defeat Champions or Guardians;
  8. Complete “The Crow and the Hawk” mission.

Speak With Spider

The first step you need to do to get Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon is to go and speak with Spider in his lair in the Tangled Shore.

When you speak with him, you will then be able to pick up the “As The Crow Flies” Exotic quest from Spider’s inventory.

Destiny 2 As The Crow Flies
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As The Crow Flies Quest

Step 1: Find All Paracausal Feathers

Steps 1 through 5 of this quest will require you to find 5 Paracausal Feathers, one in each step.

The Feathers are all in different locations and to find them you will need to read the lore sections of the quest to get a hint of the location.

But to make things easier,  you can see the Feathers locations guide in the video below:

Step 2: Speak With Crow

Once you have found all the Feathers, you will then need to go and speak with Crow in the Tangled Shore, next to Spider.

He will then give you a new quest called “Let Loose Thy Talons“.

Destiny 2 Let Loose Thy Talons
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Let Loose Thy Talons Quest

Step 1: Complete The Cry From Beyond Mission

The first step in this quest is for you to complete the “Cry From Beyond” mission in the EDZ.

Travel to The Sludge and start the mission at the glowing bird.

In this mission, you will have to follow the glowing bird until you reach the effigy of Hawkmoon sitting on a piece of the Traveler.

Pick it up and you will complete the mission.

Destiny 2 Cry From Beyond
(Image credit: Bungie)

Step 2: Return To Crow

When you complete the mission, return to Crow and speak with him.

He will then give you the next step for this quest.

Step 3: Generate And Collect 50 Orbs Of Power

In this step, you will need to generate and collect 50 Orbs of Power.

You will earn one point for generating an Orb and one point for picking up an Orb.

In my opinion, the best way to complete this step very fast is to go into the Blind Well in the Dreaming City.

In the Blind Well, you will have your super ready most of the time, so you can generate a ton of orbs as well as other guardians that are there with you.

And don’t forget to put on some Masterwork weapons, as they also generate Orbs of Power and unlike your super, that you can not pick up your own super orbs, you will be able to pick up your Masterwork weapons orbs.

You can complete this step in less than a single run of the Blind Well.

Destiny 2 Blind Well
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Step 4: Speak With Crow Again

Once you collect all 50 Orbs of Power, you will have to return to Crow and speak with him again.

He will then give you the next step of this quest, which will send you back to the EDZ.

Step 5: Investigate The Coordinates

Travel to the Trostland in the EDZ and follow the marker into the abandoned building.

There you will find the glowing bird, commune with the Traveler, and complete this step.

Destiny 2 Let Loose Thy Talons
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Step 6: Collect More Paracausal Feathers

In this step, you will have to find more Paracausal Feathers, but this time in a new open area just released with this quest.

Right next to the glowing bird in the previous step, there is now a new open door that leads you to that area.

Destiny 2 Let Loose Thy Talons
(Image credit: Bungie)

When you reach that area, you just need to follow the path and collect the Feathers.

This quest step is pretty straightforward, as the Feathers appear on your screen like resources.

Destiny 2 Let Loose Thy Talons
(Image credit: Bungie)

You will find 4 Feathers along the way, and the final Feather will drop from the Boss in the final room.

Collect all 5 Paracausal Feathers and you will complete this step.

Step 7: Return To Crow

And once again you will have to return to Crow and speak with him.

And then he will give you the next step for the quest.

Step 8: Defeat Champions or Guardians

This step will require you to do a bit of grinding, you will have to either kill 200 Guardians or a lot smaller quantity of Champions.

So if you are a PVP lover you can go into the crucible or even Gambit and try to farm those 200 kills.

But if you want to do this step quickly I recommend going with the Champions option.

I just went and did the Master Empire Hunt and a Legend Nightfall: The Ordeal, to pick up my Pinnacle rewards, killed every Champion in there and it got almost completed.

Just had to do another heroic Nightfall and it was completed, not even had reached the end.

Or you can farm the Legend Lost Sectors, kill the 4 Champions, leave and repeat until you finish it, or you can also farm Legend Empire Hunts.

Step 9: Complete The Crow And The Hawk Mission

Destiny 2 Let Loose Thy Talons
(Image credit: Bungie)

Travel back to The Sludge in the EDZ and start the mission in the same spot as the one in step 1.

The mission is very similar to the first mission, but you will have to take different paths following the glowing bird.

When you reach the final room with the Traveler’s piece, you will have to kill the glowing enemies that will drop orbs and throw them at the Taken to remove their shields.

Once you remove all the Taken barrier you will get the Hawkmoon, and then you will have to commune with the Traveler and defeat a Taken Boss.

To defeat the final Boss you will have to do the same process again, defeat the glowing enemies and throw the orbs at the Boss to take down its shield, and then you can deal him damage.

The Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Hawkmoon
(Image credit: Bungie)

The primary Exotic perk of the Hawkmoon is Paracausal Shot, which will give a buff to the Hawkmoon when you kill and do precision hits with it.

When you do final blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon it will grant stacks of Paracausal Charge, and with that, the final round of the magazine will deal bonus damage.

Hawkmoon also comes with a Transformative perk, which means that after you unlock the Hawkmoon, you will be able to get it again with a random roll instead.

The Transformative perk will be replaced with another normal weapon perk, which means that you can get a Hawkmoon with a unique roll.

You can see all the Exotics List here!

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