Destiny 2 Glory Ranks and Point Requirements

Destiny 2 Glory Ranks

Destiny 2 Glory Ranks are entirely restricted to Competitive Crucible. This implies that if you want to get the high-tier Pinnacle weapons, you should plunge into Competitive Crucible and begin earning Glory.

The trouble of this, aside from disappointing matchmaking, awful teammates, and getting stepped by 3-stacks, is figuring out how many points you need to level up to the following Glory rank.

In the following tables, you will discover the data to assist you with working out the points that lie between you and Legend, just as the number of points you can possibly earn from wins and win-streaks.

As referenced above, you can just get Glory from Competitive Crucible. Don’t invest your energy playing Quickplay, as that will just level up your Valor Rank.

Competitive Crucible Glory Ranks and point requirements

RankTotal PointsPoints to Next Rank
Guardian I0 – 3940
Guardian II40 – 10970
Guardian III110 – 19990
Brave I200 – 369170
Brave II370 – 664295
Brave III665 – 1049385
Heroic I1050 – 1259210
Heroic II1260 – 1624365
Heroic III1625 – 2099475
Fabled I2100 – 2379280
Fabled II2380 – 2869490
Fabled III2870 – 3499630
Mythic I3500 – 3879380
Mythic II3880 – 4544665
Mythic III4545 – 5449905
Legend5450 – 550050
The data from this table originates from the fantastic spreadsheet from Reddit user xxCH3M1STxx.

Glory Points: Win Streaks and Losses

As mentioned before,  you can only gain Glory in the Survival Competitive mode, either the Freelance (for solo players) playlist or the “normal” (for fireteams) playlist.

Winning a match awards Glory points while losing takes points away, and winning streaks award more points per win.

The table beneath is a decent rundown of the number of points you have to acquire for each Glory rank.

Rankloss1 win2 Wins3 Wins4 Wins5 Wins
Guardian I-6080100120140160
Guardian II-6080100120140160
Guardian III-6080100120140160
Brave I-606888108136148
Brave II-606888108136148
Brave III-606888108136148
Heroic I-526080100128140
Heroic II-526080100128140
Heroic III-526080100128140
Fabled I-60406080108120
Fabled II-60406080108120
Fabled III-60406080108120
Mythic I-68406080108120
Mythic II-68406080108120
Mythic III-68406080108120
The data from this table originates from the fantastic spreadsheet from Reddit user xxCH3M1STxx.

When you lose a crucible survival match, your Glory streak will no longer reset, instead, the streak will be reduced by 2. 

This will make it easier to keep a 5 win streak, as a loss will only drop you to a 3 win streak instead of resetting.

The good news in the losing glory frustration is that you will not drop between major ranks

If you make it to Fabled I, you will not fall back down to Guardian III, if you lose consecutive matches, despite technically losing Glory. 

Keep in mind that you will still lose ranks while within a rank group. For example, you can still drop from Fabled III to Fabled I, just not between major ranks.

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