Destiny 2 Forerunner Quest Steps | How To Complete The Magnum Opus Exotic Quest

Destiny 2 Forerunner

Destiny 2 Forerunner is the new exotic sidearm added with the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC, this exotic will be available for all players since it is tied to a free for all exotic quest.

To unlock the Forerunner you will have to complete the “Magnum Opus” exotic quest, which you can grab from Xur in his Treasure Hoard.

The Destiny 2 Forerunner is a Sidearm that is inspired by the Halo series Magnum weapon.

In this guide, we will show you how to get the Forerunner in Destiny 2, and with that, how to earn Strange Coins, and where to use Xur’s Strange Key.

Destiny 2 Forerunner
How To Get Destiny 2 Forerunner Quick Guide
  1. Complete the To The Daring Go The Spoils quest;
  2. Speak with Xur in his Treasure Hoard and pick up the Magnum Opus quest;
  3. Collect seven Strange Coins;
  4. Complete three Starhorse Bounties;
  5. Acquire the Strange Key from Xur;
  6. Use the Strange Key in Dares of Eternity;
  7. Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower.

How To Start The Forerunner Quest

After completing your first round of the Dares of Eternity activity which you begin as soon as you enter the game after the Bungie 30th Anniversary update, you will be rewarded with a Treasure Key.

As soon as you’ve completed the quest intro of the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC, travel to Eternity, the new destination added with the event.

Xur's Treasure Hoard

Go speak to Xur in his Treasure Hoard, which will progress the “To The Daring Go The Spoils” quest step by handing over the Treasure Key and opening the chest near Xur.

Magnum Opus

Speak with Xur again and now you will be able to acquire the “Magnum Opus” exotic quest from his inventory.

Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus Exotic Quest

Collect Strange Coins

For the first step in this exotic quest, Xur will ask you to collect seven Strange Coins.

You can pretty much earn Strange Coins doing anything, like Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Public Events, bounties, and more.

But you should earn them by completing the Dares of Eternity activity, as you will need to earn Xur reputation for a later step.

Complete Starhorse Bounties

Once you’ve acquired all the necessary Strange Coins, head over to Xur’s Treasure Hoard, but this time you will have to interact with the Starhorse, the Eternal Equine that is near Xur.


Starhorse will have some bounties from the Dares of Eternity activity, which is what this step needs you to do.

Starhorse bounties

You can use your Strange Coins to buy one daily bounty, whit that you will have to complete three of them to complete this step, or instead, you can buy a weekly bounty which is more expensive and difficult but will grant you more progress in this step.

You can only hold one Starhorse bounty at a time and you will need to complete all the steps of the bounty in a single run of the Dares of Eternity activity, failing to do so, will reset the bounty progress.

Acquire The Strange Key

Now, once you’ve completed the Starhorse bounties, go speak again with Xur in his Treasure Hoard.

For this step, you will need to acquire the Strange Key from Xur’s inventory, but to unlock it you will have to be at rank four of Strange Favor reputation.

Strange Key

Because you’ve already completed some runs of Dares of Eternity to complete the Starhorse bounties you may already be at level four, and you can just grab the Strange Key.

However, if you are not yet at rank four you will need to head back into the Dares of Eternity until you reach Strange Favor reputation rank four.

How To Use The Strange Key And Find The Weapon

Once you’ve acquired the Strange Key, also in Xur’s Treasure Hoard, but in the adjacent room, you will find a purple glowing smoke which when you stand in it will teleport you into the Dares of Eternity arena but without all the enemies.

Magnum Opus

As soon as you arrive at the Dares of Eternity arena look to your right and start going in the direction of a small cluster of rocks.

Magnum Opus

There you will encounter a small slab sticking out of the rocks, and if you position your camera at the right angle facing the small slab you will see the seven-column Bungie logo by lining up with the other slabs in the surrounding.

Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus

Now, interacting with the small slab will insert and use the Strange Key.

After using the Strange Key an objective marker will appear on your screen, from the slab just go towards the grey tower, then turn right and you will find a small entrance to a cave.

Magnum Opus

Inside the cave, you will have to climb up the walls through some tricky platforms but the path is pretty straightforward.

When you reach the top of the cave, go forward and open the Cryo Pod, which is another awesome easter egg from the Halo series, and by doing that you will receive the Anomalous Object.

Magnum Opus

Speak With Banshee-44

Magnum Opus

Now, with all of that done you will have to take the Anomalous Object to Banshee-44 in the Tower.

Banshee will take a good look at the Anomalous Object and finally give you the new Forerunner Exotic Sidearm.

Forerunner Perks And Catalyst

Destiny 2 Forerunner

The Destiny 2 Forerunner is an exotic sidearm, that can be equipped in the kinetic slot and uses special ammo.

The Forerunner perks are:

  • Pace Yourself which is its intrinsic perk and will improve the weapon’s accuracy and give less recoil when you tap the trigger.
  • Full Stop which gives Forerunner extended-range and heavy-caliber rounds that will inflict more damage, and also fires full auto and deals increased precision damage to unshielded targets.

Forerunner also has an Exotic Catalyst, but to unlock it you will have to continue ranking up Xur’s Strange Favor reputation.

You will need to reach rank 16 to be able to acquire the Anomalous Access Card, which is what you will use to unlock the Catalyst.

The Exotic Catalyst will add a new perk called The Rock, which converts grenades into fragmentation grenades after a final blow.

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