Destiny 2 Divinity Quest Steps | How to get Shadowkeep Exotic Trace Rifle

Destiny 2 Divinity

Destiny 2 Divinity Exotic quest is only available for those who have bought the Shadowkeep expansion.

To unlock this Exotic Arc Trace Rifle you will need to dive into the Shadowkeep’s Raid, Garden of Salvation, so prepare yourself to have a Raid party set up if you want to unlock this Exotic weapon.

All things considered, there are a couple of steps you need to make outside of the raid, which you can do solo.

Destiny 2 Divinity
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Divinity is a useful weapon for end-game activities and raid parties. It creates a large critical hit spot on a target if you’re dealing with sustained damage to them. 

Divinity is very good because the debuffs are unique and stack with other buffs and debuffs such as melting points or light wings.

How To Get Destiny 2 Divinity Quick Guide
  1. Travel in the Moon Patrol to Lunar Battlegrounds and clear Vex enemies to begin the quest;
  2. Scan Oracles within three Nessus Lost Sectors;
  3. Get Decryption Cores, you must destroy Vex enemies on the Moon;
  4. Buy an Empowered Decryption Core with 30 Phantasmal fragments;
  5. Dive into the Garden of Salvation Raid and complete the seven puzzles along the way.

When you have done all of those steps, Divinity is all yours!

How to Start the Divinity Quest

To start the Divinity quest you will have to travel to the Moon in Patrol and head to the Lunar Battlegrounds.

To get to the Lunar Battlegrounds, do as follows:

  • Travel to Sorrow’s Harbour and head to the south part of that area;
  • You will come across a red bridge, cross the bridge and continue that path and you will arrive at the Lunar Battlegrounds.

When you leave the bridge path, take a hard left, and follow the cliff wall to reach a cave.

At the far back of the cave is a Vex Gate, from where it will begin to spawn groups of Vex.

Clear all the Vex until the giant Vex Minotaur Zeteon, Redemptive Mind boss spawns.

Defeat him, and he will drop an Exotic engram, pick it up and you will get a quest named “What’s This… What’s this?”, which is the first step in the Divine Fragmentation quest.

Step 1: What is This… What is This?

In this step, you will have to find Oracles in three Lost Sectors in Nessus. They are totally hidden away inside rooms that are not entirely obvious. 

When you discover one, it must be scanned twice and it will spawn a few enemies in-between.

The Vex Core locations are as follows:

The Orrery 

  • The Orrery is in Artifact’s Edge;
  • Find the mountainside entrance and fight your way inside it;
  • When you get to the main room, climb up from the left platform to where the Hobgoblins are shooting;
  • Continue to climb up until you are on the third floor;
  • Look for a small opening in the wall;
  • You’ll discover a data node within that opening;
  • Scan it and get ready to defeat the spawning enemies and then scan the node again.

After this, your quest step should be at 33%.

The Conflux

  • The Conflux is your next Lost Sector, and you can find it in The Nessus Cistern;
  • Go inside and hang on to the right;
  • There’s a little space that you’re going to have to jump up the wall to get in;
  • After you turn the corner, the data node is right in front of you;
  • Do the same process as you did in The Orrery.

The Ancient’s Haunt

  • The Ancient Haunt can be found in The Tangle, and is your final Lost Sector;
  • It is simple to locate this data node;
  • As natural, play through the Lost Sector and search for a cave on your left;
  • Before you even go in, you can see the data node;
  • It is visible from the main path;
  • Scan the node as you’ve done before, and you’re going to finish this quest step.

You can see the video from WoW Quests below for the exact vex core locations:

Step 2: Defragmentation

This step needs you to get 120 Decryption Cores, and to get this you will need to kill Vex on the Moon.

So, head over to the Moon and try to find those Vex, again an easy way to do that is to go to the cave in the Lunar Battlegrounds in which there will spawn a lot of Vex. 

That is because nowadays the Vex Offensive activity is no longer available.

With that done you will finish that quest step.

Step 3: Core of Nightmares

When you get to this step you will have to buy an Empowered Decryption Core, to do so, you will need to spend 30 Phantasmal Fragments at the Lectern of Enchantment, near Eris.

You can acquire Phantasmal Fragments from killing Nightmares or purchase them directly at the Lectern of Enchantment for five Helium Filaments.

Step 4: Key to Divinity

Once you’ve done all the above steps, you will reach this final step in which you will need to dive into the Garden of Salvation raid.

Within the Garden of Salvation are seven puzzles that you will need to complete, and all the puzzles work around the tether mechanic of the raid.

To start this step in the raid you will need to activate a node at the beginning of the raid. 

To do so, when you start the raid you need to run off the cliff and turn around, and you will find a hidden room, inside there will be the node that you will need to activate. 

As to have a better understanding of the puzzles solutions we leave below Datto’s youtube video, where he shows the locations and solutions of the puzzles. 

The puzzles step starts at 3:00 minutes into the video!

When you complete all the puzzles within the raid you will then have to defeat the final Boss.

Note that you will have to do all the puzzles and defeat the final Boss all in one run, if you do a puzzle and leave it will not work, you will have to do it all over again.

At the end of the raid, there will be a second chest containing the Divinity Trace Rifle.

You can see all the Exotics List here!

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