All Darkness Rift Locations Guide | Destiny 2 Witch Queen No Peeking Triumph

All Darkness Rift Locations Guide

Savathûn’s Throne World is filled with secrets, like the Lucent Moths which are collectibles to find, and in this case, the Darkness Rifts which are much like the Pyramid Shards in Beyond Light‘s Europa.

The Darkness Rifts are scattered throughout the Throne World, and you will need the Parasite Exotic grenade launcher added with the Witch Queen expansion, to be able to shoot and close the Darkness Rifts.

At this time you’ve probably stumbled upon the Darkness Rifts in your exploration. The Rifts look like a small dimensional portal and when you shoot them they will be immune.

All Darkness Rift Locations Guide

With that said, in this Destiny 2 guide, we will show you all Darkness Rift locations, which you will need to unlock the No Peeking Triumph.

All Darkness Rift Locations Guide

How to close the Darkness Rifts

To close the Darkness Rifts you will have to shoot them, but they are immune, so, to be able to break them you will need the Parasite Exotic grenade launcher.

If you still don’t have the Parasite here’s a guide to unlocking it!

But don’t worry you don’t need to shoot the Darkness Rifts with the Parasite. You just have to shoot the ground near you, but watch out to not kill yourself.

Doing that will give you the Worm Byproduct buff, which will then let you shoot and close the Darkness Rifts with any weapon you want.

All Darkness Rift Locations

There are a total of 10 Darkness Rifts and they are scattered throughout Savathûn’s Throne World, there are one in each Lost Sector, one in the Altars of Reflection activity, and more around all the Throne World areas.

So, for a better understanding of the locations, just follow the video below by Esoterickk, which shows and explains very well all the locations and how to get there.

All 10 Darkness Rifts Location Guide (No Peeking Triumph) [Destiny 2]

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